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Your education at National College means more than simply earning a degree. Our programs are designed to train you for your career. Small classes ensure that you receive the one on one time you need in order to succeed. Relationships with business in our campus locations help to ensure you gain valuable real world experience and insight as a part of your education. You will never make a change if you keep saying someday.

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Our Accounting program is designed to meet the need for training in fundamental business practices with an emphasis on general accounting and business principles.
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Business Administration

Our Business Administration program is designed to prepare you with the basic knowledge of business concepts required for today’s ever-changing business environment and to provide you with a broad understanding of business practices. Through the knowledge, skills, and confidence gained, you will be ready for entry level positions in a variety of business environments.
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Medical Billing and Coding

Our Medical Billing and Coding program is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the functions of a medical biller and coder and to understand the professional and ethical responsibilities.
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Medical Office Professional

Our Medical Office Professional program will provide you the skills necessary to manage the day-to-day operations of a medical office environment. Common responsibilities include greeting and scheduling patients, filing insurance claims, ordering supplies, managing office correspondence, and performing general accounting and bookkeeping duties.
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Pharmacy Technician Diploma

Our Pharmacy Technician diploma program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, laboratory skills, and field experience required for entry-level employment as a pharmacy technician.
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Phlebotomy + ECG

American National University’s Phlebotomy/ECG Program is designed to prepare students for entry level careers as phlebotomist and/or ECG technicians. As a phlebotomist you will draw blood from patients or donors in hospitals, blood banks, or health facilities for analysis and medical use. In this program you will also learn to perform diagnostic tests to assess a patient’s heart rhythm and rate and record the electrocardiogram (ECG). These two skills are key components of working in medical support at most healthcare facilities.
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Business Administration Accounting

Our Business Administration Accounting program is designed to train junior executives and paraprofessional accounting personnel. As a graduate of this program will have skills in the technical subjects of accounting and taxation while also being capable of grasping a range of problems in the field of business.
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Business Administration Management

Our Business Administration Management program provides students with business training in general administrative skills as well as a diversified background in business management principles. The broad knowledge gained will provide a solid base for entry into a wide range of corporate positions such as marketing, sales, administration, human resources, accounting, and even business ownership. Studies include accounting, business law, computer systems and software technologies, marketing, supervisory management, consumer behavior, communications, and small business management.
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Health Information Management

Our Health Information Management Program (HIM) is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to enable the graduate to manage patient's medical data and by making it available for the healthcare provider. HIM professionals affect the quality of patient information and patient care at each point of patient interaction; they are focused on the technical side of managing health information, working with electronic records, and software programs.
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Logistics/Supply Chain Management

Our Logistics / Supply Chain Management program is designed to prepare students to oversee the aspects of securing the goods and services essential to running a business.
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Medical Assisting

Our Medical Assistants are multi-talented healthcare professionals, skilled in performing routine clinical and administrative procedures for healthcare settings such as physician’s offices and outpatient clinics.
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Network Support

As businesses become increasingly dependent on technological advances each year, the need for well-trained IT professionals also continues to increase. Your associate's degree in network support can help prepare you for a successful entry-level career in information technology.
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Pharmacy Technician

Our Pharmacy Technician degree program is designed to provide you with knowledge, laboratory skills, and field experience so that you can assist pharmacists in providing medication and other healthcare products to patients. Students will gain an understanding of medical and pharmaceutical technology, pharmacology, pharmacy record keeping, pharmaceutical techniques, and pharmacy law and ethics. In addition, a 120 hour externship placement is required so students receive hands-on experience in a pharmacy practice site.
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Business Administration Accounting Baccalaureate

Our Business Administration Accounting program is designed to prepare you to be a future business leader. As a graduate of this program you will experience a well-rounded curriculum to include a strong variety of accounting, business administration, and general education courses. The program offers an extensive background in general accounting principles as well as tax and cost accounting, proficiency in the use of various software packages, and an in-depth understanding of problem-solving and communication skills relative to the accounting profession.
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Business Administration Management Baccalaureate

Our Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Management program is designed to train mid-level managers. A graduate of this field will have strong skills in the technical subjects of management and will be trained in basic computer literacy while learning some of the most popular software packages in word processing, spreadsheets, database management, and presentations. Your education will be rounded out with general education courses such as writing and oral communications, psychology, and sociology.
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Health Care Management

Our Health Care Management program is designed to provide a foundation in the principles of health information technology, health care management and operations, business management, accounting, and healthcare law and ethics. As a graduate you will be prepared to work in a variety of settings, including clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers, and medical practices.
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Medical Health Services Management

The Medical and Health Services Management bachelor's degree provides healthcare practitioners holding an associate degree in an allied health or nursing field with the skills and competencies needed to function as managers and supervisors in healthcare settings. The program provides a foundation in management, as well as specifics on management, ethics and law within healthcare organizations.
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Network Administration

Our Network Administration bachelor's degree program can help you prepare to take on these challenges and compete for mid-level positions such as network engineers, network administrator managers or network analysts in the enterprise.
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Master of Business Administration

We offer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program for students interested in continuing their postgraduate education in the field of business. Through the program, business professionals increase their breadth of knowledge, their ability to analyze business alternatives more thoroughly, and their opportunities for more challenging, responsible, and productive careers in the business community.

Students may choose to earn an MBA in a specialized field. ANU offers the following specialized areas:

  • Accounting Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Organizational Management
  • International Management
  • Hospitality Management

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Master of Business Administration in Information Technology

Our Master in Business Administration in Information Technology Online Program is a well-balanced curriculum for those who want a degree that teaches business acumen and technological expertise. This program modifies our core MBA curriculum to include courses constructed to give you the specialized skills and knowledge needed to work in a technology business or technological operations role in your chosen industry.
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