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Veterans Discover the National College Advantage

Oct 27, 2014

As the parents of three children, U.S. Army veterans Robert and Randi Short thought that it would be impossible to attend college at the same time.  But after Robert enrolled in the business administration-management program at the Richmond Campus, Randi discovered that each class met just once a week., She soon joined him as a American National University student when she enrolled in the business administration-accounting program.

In addition to working well with their family’s schedule, Randi and Robert found that they are comfortable with the class schedule at National because the classes are around four hours each in  in length which is similar to those that they took in the military . “We’re used to it,” said Robert. “We just recently got out of the military, so we’re used to the military ways.”  “I learn better that way,” added Randi.

Robert and Randi have also found the staff at the Richmond Campus is helpful and knowledgeable about their Post-9/11 G. I. Bill benefits, which allowed them to get started in their programs quickly.  Their experience with other schools was that it took several months to process the paperwork before classes began. 

In the future, Robert and Randi hope to work side-by-side in a business of their own, using the skills gained in their program at National.  “I’m going to open up a shop or a store of some type and my wife is going to do the books,” Robert explained with a smile.

U.S. Army veterans Randi and Robert Short enjoy the longer length of their classes at American National University which is similar to those that they found in the military.

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