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Veteran and Student Launches Her Own Business

Veteran and Student Launches Her Own Business

Aug 25, 2014

Danyell York is a business administration-management student at the Youngstown Campus who is attending American National University with benefits she earned in the U.S. Army.  She will be graduating at the end of the term and she has already started her own business!  Danyell opened a restaurant named “Honey D’s,” in her local neighborhood, with the intention of bringing something good to the area:  great food at a fair price!  “Honey D’s” was just an idea as Danyell was starting her training at National.  To make this idea a reality, she went into business with her sister, Desate’, who owns a daycare called “Tiny Faces Childcare,” in Youngstown.  In addition to serving the public, Danyell caters breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all of the children and youth who frequent the community center where the daycare is located. 

Danyell said, “As a single mother, it’s great to see your children throughout the day where you work!”  She described how dealing with work and school can really take its toll on the time you get to spend with your family.  “I would have never made it this far without my three children, family, and my church to get me through the day,” said Danyell.  Now her children can see firsthand the result of their mother’s hard work and determination and how it has led them to a better lifestyle.

Danyell began the work for her business about eighteen months ago.  As she was attending classes and learning, she found that what she was doing in class was directly related to her new business.  “The stages of starting my business coincided with what we were learning in class,” said Danyell.  “The support of my teachers and fellow classmates while I struggled with school and work was amazing.  Plus, they all come to eat at my restaurant!”

Between the two sisters, they now have thirteen employees and are still growing.  Danyell is excited about all the work that still needs to be done to meet her goals.  She talked about how much work she has done so far, and how it seemed so impossible when she was getting started.  Danyell wants to tell anyone interested to take their idea to next level. “You can do it,” she said.

A-Business administration-management student Danyell York with her instructor, John Dubos. 

B-Pictured (l) to (r) are:  Ja’king Howell and Rickell Yanno, Honey D’s employees; Danyell York, business administration-management employee and Honey D’s owner, Keylaya Logan, Danyell’s daughter; Etta Huff, Danyell and Desate's mother; Olivia Burkley, Desate’s daughter; Desate’ Burkley, Danyell’s sister; Reenae Miles and Anai Bennett, Honey D’s employees. 

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