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Veteran Was Tired of Making Money for Other People

Jun 02, 2014

The Knoxville Campus recently presented Darren Relford with the Alumni Hall of Achievement Award because he is a true success story. 

Darren was impressed by the efforts of the admissions representative to locate all of his available aid as he is a military veteran and that convinced him to enroll. 

Darren chose the field of information technology and graduated in 2012.  At the time, he was working as a warehouse manager and working for a dealership streamlining and improving their processes.  “[I was] tired of making money for other people,” Darren stated frankly and added that he wanted to set a better example for his kids.  This prompted him to continue on in the business administration-management program and he graduated this February. 

While taking the variety of classes for his chosen major, he began noticing businesses in his community up for sale.  His wife encouraged him to make a purchase, he contacted the owner for more information, they worked out a deal and Darren wrote the contracts. 

He has since used his IT knowledge to automate and streamline his Suntyme Fitness and Tanning business located in Maynardville, Tennessee.  Darren said, “The IT knowledge and exposure to the management classes gave me the go-ahead to do this for my family and my goal is to have five businesses in five years.”

Graduate and veteran Darren Relford, is the proud owner/operator Suntyme Tanning and Fitness in Maynardville, Tennessee. 

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