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VRAP Student Continues His Education in Network Administration Program

May 05, 2014

Gary Creighton served in the U.S. Army from 1977 to 1982, completing two overseas assignments in Korea and Germany.  After leaving the military, his punctuality, dependability and professionalism helped him get his foot in the door of several companies, but he soon realized that he needed more to advance in his career.  “I worked a lot of odd jobs and survived, but I finally realized that getting an education will help me get that much further,” Gary explained.

He found the Louisville Campus of American National University after searching for a school that was approved for the Veteran’s Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP).  He feels that the small class size and supportive instructors are two of the best features of the college.  “The faculty—they don’t look down at you,” he said. “They accept you for who you are.  They expect you to do well, and they try to help you do well.”

After earning a diploma in systems and user support, he’s continuing his education in the network administration associate’s degree program.  “Computers are here to stay, and there are so many nuances, and so many things that change hour-by-hour,” said Gary.  “You have to be able to keep up with that.  You have to not only get that theory, but put that theory into practice.”

Gary is happy to be gaining hands-on experience serving as a work study student in the IT department with program director Terry Newby.  “I’ve already had an opportunity to do some help desk and user support operations here,” said Gary, who also helps provide inventory and maintenance for the school’s computer labs.

He is looking forward to getting started in his new career, and he feels proud to be serving as a role model for his 14-year-old son. “I’m kind of leading by example for him,” said Gary.

Veteran Gary Creighton earned a diploma in systems and user support from the Louisville Campus and is continuing his education in the network administration associate’s degree program. 


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