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U.S. Air Force Veteran Follows Career Dreams with National College

Sep 02, 2014

Joshua Emerson was working odd jobs and pursuing a career in finance when he decided he wanted something different from life.  “I realized I was not in a field I was passionate about and my job situation was taking me nowhere, fast,” said Joshua.  I decided to join the U.S. Air Force and take some time to decide on a career.  I loved math and science in school, so with the guidance of my fiancé, we decided my calling was in the medical arena. The obvious choice was there all along, so I chose the medical field.”

He received invaluable medical training as an Air Force Medic/EMT.  “I thoroughly loved and enjoyed my time in the service,” said Joshua.  “I worked with some of the nation’s finest medical professionals in emergency/internal medicine who gave me a tremendous education.  I soon realized, however, that I could spend my entire career as a Medic – and go no further. After some painful decisions, I decided to leave for the civilian world to follow my dreams.  It was the right decision - but leaving the Air Force after my four-year stint was very difficult.”

“National was on my college list because I live in the neighborhood…but after my interview I realized it was a terrific choice,” said Joshua.  “This is the best college experience I’ve ever experienced.  Everyone is so helpful and friendly – they are here for our success.  This is truly a family atmosphere – and I’m delighted to be here.”

Joshua chose National’s surgical technology program at the Lexington Campus for the next step in his medical training.  “My long-term plan is to go to medical school – and my surgical training is going to take me even closer to that goal!” he stated.

A-Surgical technology student and veteran Joshua Emerson is a former Air Force Medic/EMT and chose American National University to further his education.  

B- Pictured (l) to (r) are: Student Joshua Emerson and surgical technology instructor Jennifer Schnelle.  Joshua is receiving his introduction to surgical scrub techniques.  After this introduction…he will be donning full personal protection equipment and “scrubbing in” for more training.

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