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U. S. Marine Makes The Leap From Job To Career

Oct 07, 2014

Jennifer Neisinger went straight into the U.S. Marines after graduating from high school and proudly served her country during her three-year stint.  “My military career was terrific.  I was an S-3 training clerk with tons of responsibilities.  I was actually sending source reports directly to the President of the United States on a regular basis.  After finishing my time in the Marine Corps, I returned home and began looking for work.  It didn’t take long to realize I was not going to get very far without a college degree,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer’s military experience prepared her to excel in her career but she needed her college degree to propel that career.  Jennifer reminisced, “I bounced from one miserable job to another.  I had no benefits and I had gone as far as my education would take me.  I took a long, difficult look at myself and my situation and realized I had to make major changes.  I was now a single mother and it was getting more difficult to support myself and my child.  College was the only way to go. ”

After a brief stint with another college, she made another change.  “Nobody knew anything about my military benefits – they could not answer the first question,” said Jennifer.  Your GI Bill is not unlimited so I quit that school immediately.  A friend suggested American National University – and what a difference it is.  Everyone was very knowledgeable about my military benefits and they understand how to apply them.  This goes a long way toward making veterans feel comfortable and secure they’ve chosen the right college.”

She will complete her last term in December and will graduate with her degree in medical assisting plus her medical coding and billing diploma as well.  “I’m finishing with great training in two careers and I’m ready,” said Jennifer.  “I love it here at National and my time has just flown by.” 

Jennifer Neisinger is a veteran of the U.S. Marines and will graduate from the Lexington Campus in December with two degrees.  

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