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U-Turn Lands Student Right Where She Needed to Be

Apr 07, 2015

A fateful U-turn while running errands brought Jessica Matthews into the Lexington Campus and well on her way to earning the degree that she’s always wanted. “When I made a U-turn, it happened to be in National’s parking lot,” Jessica recalled.   

When she went in to ask for information about American National University, Jessica was introduced to admissions representative Sharon Rodgers, and later that same day, her enrollment in the business administration-accounting bachelor’s degree program was complete. “Both Sharon and [student services representative] Nick [Barnes] were phenomenal that first day,” she said. “They did everything to ensure that I was able to get in and get started that next week.”

After attending other large universities, Jessica found the easy enrollment process at American National University to be a welcome change. She also loves the convenience of having all of her classes located under one roof. “If I had a class at 6 p.m., I didn’t have to leave two hours beforehand to deal with parking,” she explained. “That’s what has been great about it.” 

She’s also seen a difference in her instructors at National, who are extremely knowledgeable about the subjects they’re teaching due to their first-hand experience in the field. “You can tell that they’re here because they want to be,” she stated. “If you have a question, they won’t just answer it and then go on; they’ll make sure you understand it. The care that they have for their students--you don’t see [at large universities], and that’s not lost on me. That is huge.”

As she nears the conclusion of her program, Jessica has also been extremely impressed by campus director Kim Thomasson and her staff’s dedication to seeing that she completes her degree program as quickly as possible. “I was always taught no matter what happens in life, no one can take away your education,” Jessica said. “National made it much more accommodating; they made me want to finish it.”

Jessica Matthews has seen a number of advantages to being a student at American National University, from convenience of parking to the care and concern of her instructors.

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