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Two Different Paths Earn Classmates Their RMA Certifications

Jul 21, 2014

Kristen Kent and Mel Harris recently earned their medical assisting degrees from the Lexington Campus and quickly excelled. They completed their courses and externships, and both of them passed their RMA certification exam.  The end results are the same…but Kristen and Mel arrived at their chosen destination via different journeys.

Kristen first attended the college in 2000, but the duties of raising her family took center stage.  “My family was my first priority, said Kristen.  “I gladly made the decision to postpone my training, but I was determined to return – which I did on a couple of occasions, to earn my degree.  I returned in 2013 and fulfilled my dream.  Passing the RMA exam on my first try [was] thrilling.  The excellent instructors at National guided me thru the program and the flexible scheduling made it easy to work full-time and attend my classes.”   

Mel achieved his dreams in a different but no less-amazing fashion.  “I was down and out,” said Mel regarding why he enrolled.  “I was working a dead-end job and I had no hope at all.  I knew I needed an education to have a real career.  I passed my GED and heard a commercial about National on my way to that dead-end job.  I was scared to death when I started National, but my teachers saw something in me that I didn’t see.  They taught me how to study and how to LEARN.  They molded me so I could succeed and I am so grateful.  I learned who I am and that success was a choice.  My time at National was a tremendous experience.  I wanted more for my family and myself.  I have achieved this with everyone’s help and guidance.  I can’t thank everyone here at National enough for what they have done for me.”

Pictured are graduates Kristen Kent and Mel Harris who both recently graduated from the Lexington Campus and passed the RMA exam.

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