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Twins Now Have College Education in Common

Jan 20, 2014

Twins Cortney and Kristen Frazier began attending the Stow Campus in September. Both are interested in the medical field, but Kristen will be focusing on surgical technology and Cortney on health information management.

Prior to enrolling at American National University, Cortney and Kristen were living with their grandmother and working part-time. They decided to go to college to better themselves and become better prepared for a career.

“The faculty and staff are incredible—especially Miss Deb (director of healthcare education Deb Tymchio),” said Kristen.

They both also really appreciate assistance from Selinda McCumbers in the admissions department and Karl Hegyi, career center director. “[They] make coming to class even more enjoyable,” said Cortney.  They both agreed that they would encourage others to go to college.   

Twins Cortney and Kristen Frazier were led to enroll at the Stow Campus.

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tags: Medical: Health Information Management - Associate's Degree (HIM)