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Three Generations of Higher Education with National College

Apr 14, 2014

Our nation celebrated its Bicentennial in 1976, and Gwendolyn Christopher started a long and illustrious family tradition that same year when she enrolled at American National University – and that family tradition is still going strong to this day.

Gwendolyn finished her management degree in 1978, and after a 30-year hiatus she returned and finished her bachelor’s in business administration – management in 2008.  She subsequently earned her master’s in management, went on to work for the University of Kentucky, and now plans on exploring new career directions.

To say the least, Gwendolyn has been a tremendous inspiration to her daughter, Kimberly, who finished her associate’s degree in management in 1996.  Kimberly took a hiatus as well—hers only 12 years--and came back and completed her bachelor’s in business administration – management in 2008.  Kimberly raised her family after finishing her bachelor’s degree and will utilize the American National University Career Center to find her dream job.

Proving how deeply inspiration and motivation can run in a family, we forward now to Gwendolyn’s three granddaughters - or put another way, Kimberly’s three daughters - who are all attending the Lexington Campus.  Joye Christopher is pursuing her associate’s in radio and television broadcasting, while Deltoria and DeRhonda Christopher are both pursuing their associate’s in management.  Earlane Cox, admissions representative, said, “Three generations pursuing their dreams will surely have a positive effect on the world – in addition to the inspiration they have given our entire campus.”

“American National University has provided all of us with what we needed – great instructors, a family atmosphere, and a great learning environment,” said Gwendolyn.  “I would only send my family to the very best!”

A-Pictured left to right are: Joye, Kimberly, Gwendolyn, Deltoria, and DeRhonda Christopher.

B-Gwendolyn Christopher with her daughter and three granddaughters who have attended or are attending the Lexington Campus. 

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