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The Second Time Around Proves Golden For Student

Sep 29, 2014

Jessica Segura of the Lexington Campus is proof-positive that your first career choice may not be the best one. She found she had a real talent for mechanical drawing in high school and she excelled at it. When she first entered college, she felt a career in computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting  was the obvious direction to take. However, after two semesters her thoughts began to change. Jessica said, “I followed my heart in choosing my college career but it just wasn’t what I thought it would be. I began taking care of the elderly to support myself in college and I quickly realized I was destined to work in the medical field. By this time I had two children and, sadly, had lost my husband to health issues – so school was no longer an option. With no formalized training…I went from one dead-end job to another.”

Jessica worked to support her children – but she still had dreams of working in the medical field one day. Her children were growing up and she wanted to do more than live paycheck to paycheck. Her frustrations led to a crucial decision – one which would change her entire outlook and future. “I drew the line when I ended up managing a gas station and also had to move back in with my mom. Don’t get me wrong – we were great support for one another. It gave me a chance to change it up and make a decision for a career. I decided to go back to college, and found American National University by way of a friend, and the rest is history…and my future.  I’m in my externship this term and I absolutely love what I’m doing. Medical assisting was made for me! The flexible scheduling, small classes, wonderful instructors, everything at National worked for me. Unlimited support and encouragement from everyone – including my classmates! They motivated and inspired me when the going got tough – they pulled me and I’ve made some lifetime friends in the process. The sky is the limit for me, now. I want to earn my RMA and my CMA credentials and work in a specialty area like gynecology or perhaps cardiology. Now I can be a role model for my two children and have a tremendous career!” beamed Jessica.

Graduate Jessica Segura is thrilled about her future as a medical assistant and plans to add two professional credentials to her degree. 

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