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The Effort Is Worth It In the Long Run

Jun 23, 2014

When Nancy Carmicle, a student in the office technology program at the Danville, Kentucky Campus, decided to return to school, she had many colleges to choose from, but American National University has been a part of her community for as long as she could remember, so it was the natural choice for her.  “My mother attended here long ago…,” she recalled.

Nancy made the decision to go back to school because her husband is a psychology student at another local college, and he hopes to open his own practice someday.  Nancy wanted to gain the skills that she needed to help him run his office efficiently.

Although she was nervous about returning to school, she’s been successful in her program, and she’s even made the Dean’s List.  “The instructors are very nice and always willing to help you,” she said.  She likes that she doesn’t have to compete with hundreds of other students for their attention.  “I feel like you get a better education the smaller the class size,” she said.

She encourages others, no matter what their age, to continue their education.  “If you feel like you’re in a rut, then it’s time to find yourself in a different place,” she advised.  “It’s helped me to grow and understand [business] better, and know that I can accomplish anything that I choose to accomplish.  You’ve got to put forth a little effort, but the effort is worth it in the long run.”

Nancy Carmicle, a student in the office technology program at the Danville, Kentucky Campus, feels that she gets a better education in the small classes that are offered at American National University.

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