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Technology Day Calms Student Anxieties

Apr 27, 2015

The Columbus Campus recently held a Technology Day event as a chance for students to become more comfortable with the technological aspect of their American National University experience. Campus librarian Quenton Kiser instructed the students on how to set up and access their student portal accounts, the Blackboard course management software, and their student email. He also showed them how to access their assignments and submit their work to their instructors on their Blackboard accounts.   

In addition, Quenton explained that students need to provide proper citations when quoting directly from someone else’s work. While the internet and the college’s virtual library make research easy, it is important to avoid plagiarism by properly citing sources and putting information gleaned from multiple sources in the student’s own words.

“It helped me better understand the technology used around campus,” said student Felicia Assibey of Technology Day. Felicia already felt that she had a good comprehension of the technology used at American National University, but the instruction provided at Technology Day sharpened her understanding of Blackboard even further, which she appreciated.  

Campus librarian Quenton Kiser led a Technology Day at the Columbus Campus for students to become more comfortable with the technological aspect of their college experience.