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TAICS Regional Faculty Development Workshop Held on Campus

Sep 02, 2014

The Tennessee Association of Independent Colleges and Schools (TAICS) held a regional faculty development workshop, sponsored by Cengage Learning, at the Knoxville Campus on Friday, August 22nd.   TAICS facilitates professional growth and development for private career colleges and schools and their students, faculty and staff. 

“We are always looking for ways to support the faculty and students at our member schools,” stated Cyndee Perdue Moore, president of TAICS and vice president of  National College’s Tennessee region.  “As a majority of faculty in career colleges and universities are experts in their fields of study, it is important for them to have opportunities to develop innovative and effective teaching techniques for use in their classrooms in order to engage students and help those students perform to their fullest potential.”

Shawn Orr was the guest presenter.  Ms. Orr is a full-time professional educator with Cengage Learning’s Peer-to-Peer Faculty Development and Consulting team as well as an adjunct professor at Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan.  She has worked in the higher education field for more than 20 years.

The first portion of the seminar was spent discussing the learning characteristics of Generation Next students (1984-2002) and articulating how they differ from previous generations.  For example, Baby Boomers (1946-1964) learn by lecture and face to face interaction and define themselves by their work.  This group is a little more reluctant with technology.  During the 1965-1983 period there was a turn in lifestyle some refer to as the latch-key period.  Students then took a more active role in learning and began to embrace technology.  Generation Next completely employs technology creating global relationships but isolating themselves from the classmate seated next to them, so then begins the discussion of how instructors now adapt their teaching to this newer way of learning and sustaining the students’ attention. 

Ms. Orr then discussed a variety of technological teaching resources, including animation tools, presentation software, online polling and surveying products, and blogs.  Some not-so-technical ideas included giving the students flashcards upon entering the classroom.  The flashcards are in pairs so the students have to search for the other card thus generating interaction. 

The attendees were very engaged in Ms. Orr’s energetic and very enlightening presentation.  Brad Sauls, instructor at the Knoxville Campus said, “This is a very entertaining learning environment to hold the student’s attention and it broadens the scope of bringing the objective in the classroom”.

A-Shawn Orr was the guest presenter at the TAICS regional faculty development workshop held at the Knoxville Campus.  Ms. Orr has worked in higher education for more than 20 years. 

B-Instructors Clare Borsari (front row, left), and Elizabeth Harn (front row, right), interact at the recent TAICS regional workshop held at the Knoxville Campus.

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