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TAA Program Enables Student to Train for a New Career

Jan 20, 2015

Brenda Jones enrolled at the Danville, Kentucky Campus after she lost her job as the general staff accountant and payroll administrator of Brake Parts Inc., where she’d worked for 29 years.  She came to American National University with funding through the Trade Adjustment Act (TAA), which provides training to workers whose companies close or downsize as a result of jobs being sent overseas. “Personally, I saw it as God’s way of saying ‘Here’s your opportunity; take it or don’t say another word about it,’” she recalled with a smile.

After checking into the medical billing and coding programs at a large university, a community college, and American National University, Brenda chose National. She liked that she could complete the program quickly and get back to work, and she was encouraged by the excellent recommendations that the medical billing and coding program received. “I talked to several people, and National had top notch reviews of their coding program and their students,” she explained. “The lady that I spoke to said that their company automatically hired around thirty graduates of the coding program, just on the reputation of this school’s program and what came from that program. So that spoke loudly to me.”

Brenda is on course to graduate this September, and she’s looking forward to reentering the workforce and finding financial stability once again. She plans to become certified in medical billing and coding, and her goal is to find a position in the field that would allow her to work virtually from home.

Brenda encourages others who fear they’ve been out of school for too long to follow her lead and pursue the education that they’ve always wanted. “Don’t let yourself think that you’re too old or that you’ve been out of school too long,” she advised. “I was quite intimidated and overwhelmed, but there is such a home-feeling at this school and that is such a benefit for me.  They help you realize that you can and will succeed.”

A- Brenda Jones enrolled as a student in the medical billing and coding program at National because of the reputation of the program and because it will allow her to get back into the workforce quickly.

B- Brenda received funding through the Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) program after she lost her job after her company downsized when work was sent overseas.

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