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Students Practice Emergency Medical Care during Mock Disaster

Jan 05, 2015

Students in Stephanie Slone’s Non-Invasive Clinical Procedures class at the Danville, Kentucky Campus recently participated in a mock disaster to test their emergency medical care skills and their ability to think and react quickly. The students acted as first responders and were not aware of what they would find when they arrived at the scene of the “disaster.” The scenario involved the aftermath of a tornado hit, and “victims,” portrayed by Jennifer Lyon’s Systems of Transport and Transport Support class, were scattered about the classrooms. Some of the portrayed victims were in very serious condition, and unfortunately some were already beyond lifesaving.

Both the students who provided medical treatment and those who portrayed victims found the experience to be fun and informative. “It was an educational experience that helped me better understand and relate to a possible disaster,” said medical assisting student Kayla Stubblefield. 

“It was such a blast!” added Tayler Lawson, who also portrayed a first responder. “It definitely put me in the mood to go save some lives in a disaster. It was a great learning experience and adrenaline rush!”

Student Halie Frye portrayed a victim with a broken femur. “It was really fun, and I look forward to having [Stephanie’s] class in the future,” she commented.

A– Medical assisting student Ciera Clements is shown taking the pulse of “victim” Gary Roller during the mock disaster at the Danville, Kentucky Campus.

B – Student “victim” Eric Davis receives first aid from medical assisting student Kayla Stubblefield during the natural disaster scenario.

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