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Students Learn that Preparation is the Key to a Successful Interview

Feb 24, 2014

Students in the medical billing and coding program at the Pikeville Campus recently held a mock interview workshop.  Before the interviews, the students were coached on dressing for success, professionalism and résumés.  They were also given additional tips and advice such as that preparation was the key to a successful interview. 

After the workshop, students were assigned a company in their field of study to research.    After the research was completed, the students were interviewed by Tammy Stratton, instructor, and Tiffani Ballard, career center director.  During the interview, the students were graded on professional appearance, preparation and knowledge about the organization, eye contact, body language and their closing statement. 

After the mock interviews, the students were given the standards of evaluation and their scores.  Julie Peffer, a medical billing and coding student, just received an interview with Pikeville Medical Center and said that she is so glad she attended the workshop because it really helped with her self-confidence and prepared her for the actual job interview. 

Medical billing and coding student Savannah Justice (l), is shown with instructor Tammy Stratton (center) and career center director Tiffani Ballard (r) during a mock interview that was held at the Pikeville Campus.

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