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Students Learn What Employers Are Looking For

May 27, 2014

Louis Geeter from Office Team (a job placement agency) conducted a presentation regarding the job market for the Bartlett Campus on Tuesday, April 22nd.  Mr. Geeter talked about what employers are looking for when searching for employees to join their companies.  “It’s not just a sheet of paper, it’s your sales brochure,” said Mr. Geeter.  “[Your resume] is the whole point to sit face to face with a potential employer.”

He encouraged the students to have the drive needed to get and hold that next job.  “You have to have the hunger, you have to have that desire to get the job,” said Mr. Geeter.  “Engagement is what’s going to make you or break you.”  Being engaged means being to work on time and exceeding expectations.  Employers will be looking for the person who wants to learn more. 

Mr. Geeter added that if students have done any type of volunteer work, they should include it on their résumé.  Getter added that students need to research the companies that they are applying to.    
“The time to start your groundwork in finding employment is now,” Geeter said, and added that the market is picking up.  One way of obtaining employment is as a temporary employee.  Mr. Geeter said, “Keep in mind there is always a possibility to stretch it out or try to make it a full-time position.” 

Information systems engineering student James Newton commented that the visit from Mr. Geeter was inspiring and that he needed to do some more work with his résumé.  “I learned a lot from just listening to him,” said James.

PHOTO-Louis Geeter of Office Team (a job placement agency), conducted a presentation for the Bartlett Campus.

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