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Students Learn About Compounding Medications and How to “Garb Up”

Nov 04, 2014

Students in instructor Dora Patrick’s Pharmacy Practice class at the Danville, Kentucky Campus recently learned about compounding medications, using mortar and pestle, to grind tablets into a fine powder. They also learned how to “garb up” in order to be sterile from head to toe, such as when compounding sterile medicine for cancer patients, IV medications, nuclear medicines, and for some pediatric cases. 

During the class, the students learned that the process to “garb up” correctly is: wash hands first before putting on booties, hair net, and face mask; then, wash hands again, before putting on the gown; sterilize hands using spray foam; and then put on the sterile gloves.

Teresa Rice, a graduate of the medical assisting program, has returned to American National University to further her education in the pharmacy technician program.  She is taking classes at both the Richmond and Danville Campuses.   “I already knew the proper way to put on gloves because [I was taught that when learning to] draw blood,” Teresa said.

“Compounding was interesting.  In the near future, working in a hospital or nuclear compounding pharmacy, I will know the technique to ‘garb up’ the proper way,” added pharmacy technician student Sara Ebert.

Students Sara Ebert and Teresa Rice are shown at the Danville Campus practicing compounding medications in instructor Dora Patrick’s Pharmacy Practice class.

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