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Students First to Earn Distinction in General Studies Grant

Sep 08, 2014

Two students from the Dayton Area Campus, Gretchen Eslick and James McFarlane, are the first American National University students to earn a Distinction in General Studies Grant, a new grant available exclusively at American National University, which is awarded to students who achieve a score of 450 or higher on the ETS Proficiency Profile.  

The ETS Proficiency Profile is an exam given to students in Ohio who are in the final term of their associate’s degree program.  It assesses critical thinking, reading, writing, and math skills.

Gretchen, a student in the surgical technology associate’s degree program, said that receiving the award was “amazing.”  “It was really nice to see the things that I have learned and been able to retain from the whole [program],”she said.

James, a U.S. Air Force veteran, earned a diploma in the pharmacy technician program at National, then continued his education in the pharmacy technician associate’s degree program in order to increase his
opportunities for employment and career growth.

He said that he gives much of the credit for his excellent score on the test to the instructors that he’s had at American National University.  “I’d like to attribute a lot of that to the teachers here,” said James.  “A lot of teachers here will really help you, as far as being able to think for yourself and how to extrapolate information.  It definitely expands your mind and horizons.”

Gretchen Eslick and James McFarlane are the first two recipients of the American National University Distinction in General Studies grant.

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