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Student Turned to National after Layoff

Feb 03, 2014

Dallas DeArruda wasn’t sure where to turn when she lost her job after working as an apartment manager for more than four years. “I didn’t have a job, and didn’t have any college background, so I was left with ‘What should I do?’”  I felt really upset, and didn’t know where to go,” explained Dallas.

She saw a television commercial for American National University, researched the school online, then paid a visit to the Lexington Campus and enrolled, all on the same day.  “Everybody was really friendly.  [My admissions representative] was Sharon [Rodgers], and she was a godsend,” Dallas recalled.  “Math kind of gave me anxiety, and it was a big reason why I didn’t want to go to school.  She told me, ‘Don’t let one subject keep you from going to school.’”

After discussing the degree options with Sharon, Dallas enrolled in the office technology professional associate’s degree program.   She is happy to be able to say that she actually enjoys coming to school. “Everybody is so helpful,” said Dallas, as she described the staff and faculty at National. 

Dallas is on schedule to graduate with her degree in the fall, and she looks forward to working with the career center to land a promising position in her field.  “I just like everything about National,” said Dallas.  “It’s definitely helped me grow, and be more positive, and [feel more] strong about my future and what I can do.”

Dallas DeArruda will graduate in the fall with a degree in office technology professional. 

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