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Student Supports Others While Challenging Herself

Apr 27, 2015

Ethel Louise Burnett’s smile and high spirit lifts everyone she meets at the Cleveland Area Campus. Her positive attitude is an inspiration, as she helps students better understand what they are learning in their classes, helps them edit their papers, and gives general encouragement to all. “I want to see others succeed as well as myself,” said Ethel. 

Ethel came to American National University because of the smaller, flexible classes and because the institution’s respect for veterans appealed to her, having known many members of the military in her life. She has appreciated the encouragement she has received from her instructors, which helps her to want to do her best. “They give me the knowledge I want because they care,” Ethel said.

Ethel chose the pharmacy technician associate’s degree program because of her background and her desire to help others. She has seen how drugs can cause harm and knows that educating people on how to use drugs properly can be beneficial to their lives. When prescriptions or over-the-counter medications are abused, the harm can be devastating. She wishes to use her education to be a positive influence to those who have addictions by helping them understand the consequences of drug abuse and transition to healthier and more productive lives.   

Upon graduating next month, Ethel will be adding her pharmacy technician associate’s degree to her medical assisting degree, as well as her Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT), Certified Allied Health Instructor (AHI), and Nationally Registered Certified Pharmacy Technician (NRCPhT) credentials. She has worked in retail pharmacy settings since 2001 and volunteers with the Veterans Administration. Ethel plans to continue her studies in pharmaceutical research and was inspired by director of health care education Andrew Eade to dedicate herself to helping find cures for diseases that are considered incurable at this time. 

A-  Student Ethel Burnett will graduate from the pharmacy technician program next month. It will be her fourth earned medical credential.  

B-  Ethel has been employed by retail pharmacies for nearly 15 years and serves as a volunteer with the Veterans Administration.   

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