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Student Strives to Sharpen Skills in Running Family Business

Feb 04, 2015

Amani Alsaidi, a business administration-management student at the Columbus Campus, has accomplished a lot in the past several years. She and her husband, Amjad Alghrawi, immigrated to the United States from Baghdad, Iraq in 2009. In Iraq, Amani was a math teacher, and her husband, Amjad, was an interpreter who served for seven years with the United States Army in Iraq. They both earned their U.S. citizenship in 2014, just one day apart. 

Amani, her husband, and her brother currently run a local car dealership together. She wanted to earn her degree so she could sharpen her business skills and contribute more to the management of the family business. She looked at other colleges in the Columbus area, but she was most impressed with American National University because of how willing the faculty and staff were to work with her, particularly in improving her English language skills.

“I find that all of the teachers here really help the students,” said Amani, elaborating that she appreciates the level of respect and inclusiveness demonstrated by the staff and faculty members at the campus. She further explained that the student body diversity has made her experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

In fact, Amani is enjoying her experience so much, that she has been recommending American National University to several people in her life who also want to get an education, including her sister-in-law Marwa Alzaidi, who has recently joined her in the business administration-management program.  

Business administration-management student Amani Alsaidi immigrated to the U.S. with her husband six years ago.

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