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Student Returns to National with Plans to Use Her Degree to Help Others

Sep 08, 2014

Derra Faulkner first enrolled at the Louisville Campus in 2003, just one month after she graduated from high school.  Although she was offered scholarships to a number of state universities, her mother didn’t want her to go to school far away from home. “I didn’t want to go to U of L, or anywhere like that,” Derra explained. “I wanted something more personable that had smaller class sizes, where I could get that one on one attention. And I wanted something close, so I came here.”

Derra’s education at American National University was temporarily put on hold when she started her family, but her admissions representative, Mozell Young, kept in contact with her over the years, and encouraged her to return to complete her degree.  This spring, she decided the time was right to finish her business administration-management program. “I came back and went directly to her and said ‘I’m ready this time,’” Derra recalled.

Determined to succeed in getting her degree, Derra often finds herself doing her homework alongside her
children.  As the mother of five, she has a passion for children, and after graduating she plans to use her business skills to help children in her community. “I love kids,” she said. “My dream is to open a boys and girls club of my own.”

Until that time, she’s enjoying providing support and encouragement to her fellow students as president of the Louisville Campus’s Student Activities Council (SAC). “Sometimes we can be our own mountains.  We can be the ones blocking ourselves,” Derra advises others. “If you believe enough in yourself, you can do whatever you want to do. Get out of your own way and go for it!”

Derra Faulkner enjoys providing support and encouragement to her fellow students as president of the Louisville Campus's Student Activities Council.

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