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Student Returns to Campus after Long Hiatus

Jul 14, 2014

Angela Montgomery has returned to the Lexington Campus to earn her bachelor’s degree after nearly an 18-year hiatus.  She earned her associate’s degree in accounting from the college in 1996, and then set off to make her mark on the world. 

Angela started her career by working for one of the area’s major retail corporations and also began doing seasonal tax preparation for clients.  “I really enjoyed using my education in my new careers.  It was very satisfying to be able to put my new skills to work on the job,” recalled Angela.

She juggled another full-time job while pursuing her career – raising her family. Angela smiled and commented, “There were never enough hours in the day.  Working full time and raising a family took a lot of time and effort – but I loved it all.  My education led to a good career that let me provide for my family.”

While she was busy with her career and family, Angela kept her dream of earning her bachelor’s degree close at hand.  “I wanted that bachelor’s degree and I was determined to earn it one day,” said Angela.  “My experience at American National University was terrific – the small classes, the fantastic faculty and staff – everyone was and still is very supportive.  Coming back for my degree is like…coming home.  My goal is to earn my bachelor’s in accounting…with National’s help, I’m on my way again!”

Student Angela Montgomery has returned to the Lexington Campus to earn her bachelor’s degree after almost 18 years. 

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