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Student Receives Great Career News Prior to Graduation

Sep 08, 2014

Michael Adams could be called a role model for student success after he was recently hired from his externship at Lexington’s Pain Treatment Center several weeks before completing his medical assisting program at the Lexington Campus.  Although his education at American National University helped him reach his first career goal, it’s been a journey with a few obstacles, and Michael has handled all of them with a tremendously positive attitude.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do – but I needed to work to support my children and myself.  I worked dead-end jobs and I was feeling so down and out.  When you’re in that kind of place in your life…you have to decide to make positive changes.  My guiding light thru this bad time was and always had been my mom.  The medical field was not my first choice – but my mom looked at it in a logical way – career longevity and stability.  I took her advice, enrolled at American National University, and I quickly realized I loved the classes and the medical field.

Although Michael tragically lost his mother as he began following their dream for his new career, his journey through the medical assisting program proved to be a life-changing experience.  “I absolutely loved my classes and the many new things I was learning,” said Michael.  "My instructors were terrific – always here for me and they made sure I learned all I could!”

Michael is one of many students from the Lexington Campus who have been hired from externships by the Pain Treatment Center, which was named a Distinguished Community Employer by American National University in 2013.  “I was ‘freaked out’ on my first externship day,” said Michael.  “It was scary and I wondered if I could actually do this.  My supervisor calmed me down and I’ve actually done so well…he told me two days ago they want to hire me when I finish my externship!  And I have achieved this with everyone’s help at American National University.  The support, one-on-one help, small classes – fantastic!  Everyone here made this doable for me.”

Regarding his future, Michael said, “Medical school and then becoming a medical examiner is my ultimate goal. I’m 30 years old, so I gotta go, and go now!”

Michael Adams was recently hired from his externship at the Pain Treatment Center in Lexington.

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