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Student Receives Funding through WIA and the Workforce Development Grant

Mar 17, 2014

After losing her job working for an auto auction, Cheryl Fruzzetti, a student at the Richmond Campus, came to American National University through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program which provides funding to unemployed workers for training for in-demand occupations. 

In addition, Cheryl also qualified for the Workforce Development Grant (WDG), available exclusively at American National University, which matches funding from agencies to help offset the cost of tuition for eligible students.

Cheryl said she feels very lucky to qualify for funding through the WIA program.  “I knew nothing about going back to school,” said Cheryl.  “It was kind of a jump-start,” adding that the additional funding through the WDG has kept her focused on her studies.  “It’s [helpful in] motivating you and keeping your grades up to par.  I haven’t missed a day since I’ve been here.”

Cheryl chose to enroll in the office technology professional program at National because she often felt frustrated in her former job due to her limited knowledge of the software that she used.  “[I am going] to get better computer skills to be able to run through Microsoft, Excel, and all those programs more efficiently,” she explained.

Cheryl looks forward to using her enhanced computer skills in her new career.  “Everything here is to make you aware of what you need to be more successful, and it does,” she said.

Cheryl Fruzzetti, a student in the office technology professional program, received tuition assistance through the Workforce Investment Act program which was matched by the Workforce Development Grant, available exclusively at American National University.

tags: Computer Technology: Office Technology Professional - Associate Degree (OTP)