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Student Reaching New Career Heights at National College

Sep 15, 2014

With an impressive work history and a bachelor’s degree in her dossier, Amanda Sivis came to the Lexington Campus of American National University with plans for a new career direction.  She chose her career path while working in the banking industry while still in high school. “I realized early on that I enjoyed working in human resources,” said Amanda.  “It’s a challenging career, and a vital one in corporate America, and one I’m very passionate about.”

Amanda enrolled in the Community Communications and Leadership Development degree program at the University of Kentucky – and began her journey to her chosen career.  Amanda smiled and said,

I earned my bachelor’s but my career aspirations had actually broadened a bit.  I decided to add accounting to my skill set.  My experience at a large college was not as positive as it should be.  You have very little help with issues – you are on your own. Communications are electronic – so it’s very impersonal.  There was no way I wanted to reenter a large university again, so I did my homework and chose American National University.  What a huge difference!  The small classes and all the help is wonderful.  I no longer worry about my schedule being correct or if everything is in order for each new term. Without guidance…you can prolong your program and pay way more than necessary for college – but not at National!  Everyone is here for you every step of the way.

Amanda is working two jobs while attending classes and says her schedule keeps her motivated.  “I work with PNC Bank part-time and I plan on working in their HR department when I graduate,” said Amanda.  “I have a black-and-white personality and accounting and HR is perfect for me.  It’s either right or wrong – and my training here at National is giving me exactly what I need to land that perfect job!”

Student Amanda Sivis already has a bachelor’s degree but chose American National University to enhance her skill set. 

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