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Student Quickly Acclimates to College and Becomes a Leader

May 27, 2014

When Renee McKinney, an office technology professional student, lost her job in November, Ken Chandler in admissions at the Dayton Area Campus reached out to help her.  She came in that morning and afterward cancelled appointments with all other schools so she could come back, take her placements, and enroll. She started classes the very next week. Since Renee started classes, she has formed study groups, become a tutor, and has helped several students pass Prep Math. “I love tutoring the students; if I can help them it’s all good by me.” 

Renee laughed when asked what first attracted her to American National University; she said she was set on going here when she signed her name with the purple pen on the application. It was a sign, she said, since purple is her favorite color. Renee never pictured herself going to college, “But here I am,” she said.

The reason she wants to help others go to school is because she is “actually comfortable enough to ask for help,” said Renee.   She feels like she’s getting a one-on-one session; her biggest class was 15 people.  “I love all my teachers…and I think all my teachers love me.” Renee has not only earned the respect of her peers with her positive attitude and infectious pride about her American National University experience, but also of the faculty/ staff.  She recently received an award for “Student of the Month” at the campus and her Prep Math instructor, Jo Columbro, was so impressed that she even gave Renee a reference for a local job opening.

Renee loves American National University because, she says, we are focused on our students more than any other school; American National University is always doing something for their students, and “I just love that; it’s all about the students.”

Student Renee McKinney enrolled in the Office Technology Professional program after losing her job last fall. 

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