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Student Is Juggling Entrepreneurship, Volunteerism, and College

Jul 07, 2014

Andre’ Wilson of the Lexington Campus is a man on several missions and he will accept nothing but success in all of them.  While juggling his own business and volunteer opportunities, Andre’ recently added the pursuit of his business administration- management degree to the mix.

“My pressure-washing business was my first endeavor,” said Andre’.  “I provide pressure washing and outside clean-up for jobs of any size.  My management training is definitely helping me do a better job of running my business.” 

“My second ‘career’ [volunteerism], is my true passion - mentoring youth and young adults.  I had no role model in my youth and I wanted to prevent those same missed opportunities for as many of our community’s youth as possible,” he explained. “I work frequently with youth groups and also work with ex-offenders with the Bluegrass Reentry Council here in Lexington.  I’m proud to help guide folks who may otherwise start down the wrong path in life.”

“I tried college several years ago and I was definitely not ready,” said Andre’.  “I waited until I was seasoned - I am determined and motivated this time.  My degree will provide the tools I need and will propel my career even higher.  And on top of that - everyone at National is so encouraging and helpful.  They are my mentors and I love it here.  I am frequently on campus on my days off because it is one terrific place to be!”

Student Andre’ Wilson has his own business and is a community volunteer. 

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