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Student Inspires Husband and Sister to Continue Their Education

Jan 26, 2015

Chelsie Davis created a legacy of education and career success for her family when she recently inspired her husband, Eric Davis, and her sister, BreeAnna Jarboe, to enroll in the medical assisting program at the Danville, Kentucky Campus.

Chelsie first came to American National University in 2013 and enrolled in the pharmacy technician diploma program because she wanted to help her family become more financially stable. “I was tired of struggling and living paycheck to paycheck,” she explained.

Although she was nervous about returning to school, her success in the pharmacy technician program gave her the confidence that she needed to continue her education in the medical assisting associate’s degree program. After seeing her success, and hearing about the great experience that Chelsie was having at National, BreeAnna and Eric both enrolled in the medical assisting program, as well.

“American National University just welcomed me here,” recalled BreeAnna, a recent high school graduate, who sat in on a class with Chelsie before enrolling. “I like helping people so I thought medical assisting would be the way to go,” added Eric.

Chelsie, Eric, and BreeAnna are committed to supporting one another in any way that they can as they prepare for careers in the medical field. “There have been a lot of times that I wanted to give up,” said Chelsie. “If it wasn’t for these two and my teachers, I would have quit a long time ago.”

A- Chelsie Davis (center) inspired her husband, Eric Davis (right) and her sister BreeAnna Jarboe (left) to enroll in the medical assisting program at the Danville, Kentucky Campus.

B- Family members Chelsie, Eric, and BreeAnna provide support to one another as they all work towards earning medical assisting degrees.

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