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Student Inspires Her Sister to Enroll in Medical Assisting Program

Mar 31, 2015

When Amber Kelly, a student in the medical assisting program at the Pikeville Campus, saw that her sister, Brandi Ratliff, had stalled in her progress at a local university, she suggested that she join her as a student at American National University. “I [told her] ‘You need to come here. You’ll find out that it’s better; it’s like a family,” Amber recalled.

The family-like atmosphere at National, which has allowed Amber to form close bonds with her instructors and classmates, is just one of the reasons that she has felt compelled to recommend the school to others. The valuable insight and experience from her instructors, who are professionals in the field, has also greatly enhanced her education. “[We’ve heard] story upon story. They can go out in the field and bring that it in here and help us gain from that information,” she explained.

Amber also loves the hands-on experience that she’s receiving, both in the classroom and working side-by-side with the medical team in her externship at the Leonard Lawson Cancer Center. “It gets more real every day,” she said. “That’s when all the lectures and all the book work that you’ve done make sense.”

After joining her sister as a student in the medical assisting program, Brandi is just beginning her own American National University journey. “She’s been my support team through this whole situation,” Brandi said of her sister’s encouragement as they each strive to make better lives for their families. “We’ve kind of been each other’s rock.”

Student Amber Kelly (left) encouraged her sister Brandi Ratliff (right) to join her in the medical assisting program at the Pikeville Campus.

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