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Student Duo Epitomizes Teamwork

Mar 17, 2015

Sometimes it pays to work together. That is what Columbus Campus students Akemi Marquez and Teshena Ackerman have discovered, as they have worked on a number of different initiatives together on campus. Academically speaking, Teshena tutored Akemi for her accounting class, and as a result helped her improve her grades, and consequently her overall academic performance, substantially. In addition, Teshena and Akemi have worked together on the Student Activities Council (SAC), collaborating on ways to improve student participation and planning campus events. “We’ve been motivating each other,” Teshena said.

Before coming to American National University, Akemi managed her own cleaning business. Although appreciative of the knowledge she gained from that experience, it also taught her that there was a lot she didn’t know about running a business. Feeling overwhelmed, she decided to go back to school and study business so she could get more training in accounting and information technology—two areas in which she struggled while running her cleaning business. After following up on a recommendation from a friend, Akemi enrolled at National, where she enjoys the small class sizes and learning environment. “It’s like a small community, and the teachers make it fun,” she said. Upon graduation, she would like to take another stab at business ownership. 

Teshena came to American National University after getting laid off from several jobs. She wanted to get a degree so she could obtain more stable work for herself. Teshena chose to pursue a degree in business, but after enrolling, she found that she also liked accounting and is now working on a double associate’s degree in business administration-management and accounting. She appreciates American National University in many of the same ways that Akemi does, such as the small classes and availability of the faculty and staff. “We both have a love for this school,” Teshena said.

Akemi (left) and Teshena (right) encourage one another as they pursue their business degrees. 

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