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Student Chooses Career Path to Help Others Rise Above Bullying

Aug 25, 2014

Markita Williams is a student at the Lexington Campus with a dream – a dream to help victims of bullying. “I was a victim myself, but I’ve also seen the destruction and depression bullying has caused others,” said Markita.  “Bullying’s effects are long term and can even prove to be lethal.”  Markita’s research shows that bullying doesn’t stop at high school graduation, either.  It frequently carries into adulthood and affects our relationships and careers.  “Bullying is a global crisis – one that can damage a person’s self-esteem for life,” said Markita.  “It can literally end the lives of its victims in extreme cases. When your sense of ‘self’ is destroyed…you are in trouble.”

Markita carefully chose her career path with American National University to maximize her efficacy in combating bullying.  She has begun her own foundation, ‘Shelter from Bullies’, and plans to host her own radio segment locally and also host an on-line broadcast to reach her audience. “I looked at a couple of different programs and after careful consideration; I chose radio and television broadcasting,” said Markita.  “It fits perfectly with my future plans.  Once I saw what the program offers – there was no looking back!  I want to use music and dance to help my clients to follow their dreams.  It will provide healing to overcome any obstacles they experience.” 

Her future plans are nonetheless ambitious. “I want my foundation to grow and mature so we can be self-sufficient and provide even more services to our clients,” said Markita.  “Becoming the person you are meant to be requires self-esteem. This is what I’m hoping to restore with my life’s work!” 

Markita Williams carefully chose her career path at American National University to be able to follow her dream of helping others rise above bullying.

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