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Student Appreciates Sincere Help and Support for her Education

May 12, 2014

Alvina Byrd is a second term medical assisting student, but she has settled into college with great enthusiasm. Alvina chose the Lexington Campus because it was close and convenient, "But after I enrolled, I realized I was where everyone was focused on my success and that I would be doing this with a lot of sincere help and support," said Alvina.

"I was absolutely terrified at first!  I thought of every kindergarten excuse to keep from starting - but my admissions rep and my husband just kept encouraging me...and it has worked out wonderfully," explained Alvina.  "My husband and my son not only encourage me but they also help me study, and are proud of me!  I hope to be an inspiration to my son and my family.  You really can do this no matter how long you've been out of school!"

"My lifetime goal has been to earn a degree and to support and encourage my family to follow their dreams,” said Alvina.  "I'm delighted I chose American National University to make my dreams come true."

Alvina Byrd is a second term medical assisting student at the Lexington Campus. 

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