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State Senator Shares Insights on U.S. Constitution

Dec 16, 2014

Students in Cheryl Heer’s Political Science class at the Florence Campus recently had the opportunity to hear State Senator John Schickel speak about the history of the U.S. Constitution and voting rights. Senator Schickel represents District 11 in the Kentucky Senate. 


Senator Schickel made it an interactive session, posing questions to the class about their knowledge of our Constitution pertaining to the three branches of government, the Bill of Rights, and the amendment process. After the question and answer period, Senator Schickel discussed the relevance of the Constitution in the 21st Century and how this document plays a major role in our everyday lives.


Before concluding his presentation, Senator Schickel spoke about the right to vote. He discussed the typically low voter turnout in our country’s elections and emphasized the importance of not only voting in all elections, but also the importance of being an educated voter who is familiar with the issues. Business administration-accounting major Randall Rogers commented, “It is so nice to know that our local senator cares about our education and is so knowledgeable about the Constitution.”


Kentucky State Senator John Schickel (center) visited Cheryl Heer’s Political Science class to talk about the U.S. Constitution. Students Donna Galliher (L) and Stephen Courts (R) appreciated the Senator’s visit to their class.