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Spring Career Fair a Resounding Success

May 05, 2014

Jerry Marshall, who will be completing his business administration-management program at American National University this month, recently jump-started his job search when he networked with local employers and landed two job interviews during the Spring Career Fair that was held at the Florence Campus.

“I got some real positive feedback. I got two job interviews--one with Walgreens and one with Kellogg’s,” said Jerry, a U.S. Navy veteran who initially came to American National University through the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP). “I did a research project on Kellogg’s, so I’m prepared for that one, now I have to go and do some research on Walgreens.”

Thanks to beautiful spring weather, friendly and informative employers, and eager and well-prepared job seekers like Jerry, the career fair was a resounding success. More than  20 employers participated in the event including The Christ Hospital Health Network, Pomeroy, Walgreens, DHL Express, Kroger, Manpower, Allied Barton, Speedway, and Citi Bank.

Bobby Thornburg, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition for DHL Express, said that he was looking to fill a variety of openings, from entry-level package handler jobs, to operations management positions. “I am looking for somebody that has a can-do attitude that’s willing to go above and beyond, and wants to grow a career starting at any level,” he said.

Fatou Souare, a business administration-management student from Senegal, said that she was near the end of her program and excited to begin her job search.  “I’m looking forward to having a new career.  I want to take my experience from here, and the knowledge I have from here, and I’m hoping that it will really help me advance my career.”

A-Jerry Marshall (l) a veteran who came to American National University using VRAP funding, is shown with Bobby Thornton, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition for DHL Express, during the Florence Campus career fair.

B-Fatou Souare (r)  a native of Senegal, said that she was excited to begin her job search as she neared the end of her business-administration management program at American National University.

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