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Sisters Share Common Goal

Mar 31, 2015

Sisters Gabrielle Adams and Adrieanna Adams are providing support and encouragement to one another as they work toward earning their degrees at the Danville, Kentucky Campus. Adrieanna is a student in the medical assisting program and Gabrielle is pursuing a degree in business administration-management.

While Gabrielle and Adrieanna don’t have any classes together, they are each enjoying the personal attention that they receive from their instructors. “They’re real approachable; you’re not nervous when you’re around them,” said Adrieanna.

Gabrielle feels especially grateful for instructors David Layton and Jo Ann Wilmot. “I can come to them, and they give me advice,” she explained. “I’m very thankful for both of them.” 

Although Gabrielle and Adrieanna have very different goals for their careers, they are both continuing their educations to create better lives for their families and to be role models for their children. “I want to make my children proud. I’m not coming to school for me, I’m coming to make their lives better,” said Gabrielle.

“I hope that they see that I accomplished something in my life and they can accomplish it also,” added Adrieanna.

Sisters Adrieanna Adams (left) and Gabrielle Adams (right) are continuing their educations at American National University to help better their children's lives.

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