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Sharon Rodgers-Admissions Representative-Lexington

Apr 21, 2014

Sharon Rodgers – Difference Maker at the Lexington Campus

Admissions Representative

• American National University staff member for 12 years
• Has more than 25 years of administrative, management, sales, and customer service experience

Recipient of several American National University awards, including Outstanding Achievement awards, President’s Milestone awards, and The Chairman’s Trophy

“Truly, each time I am faced with a new student in my office, it provides me with a special moment; everyone has their own story, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to help them. I strive to make a difference in students’ lives by sharing career information with them along with love, kindness, understanding, and by being available for them when they need me.

“I enjoy watching students who didn’t think they could even make it into college – much less graduate – go on to not only finish but also achieve success in their chosen careers.

“The best thing about being part of the American National University staff is that I can actually help people make a difference in not only their own lives but in their families’ lives, as well.”

Sharon Rodgers is an admissions representative for the Lexington Campus who has won several American National University awards including the President’s Milestone award and The Chairman’s Trophy.

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