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Richmond Campus Hosts Financial & Relationship Peace Workshop

Mar 31, 2015

Medical assisting student Amy Minyard and her husband, Randy Minyard, are developing money management and communications skills that will benefit them for a lifetime as participants in the six week Financial & Relationship Peace: Foundational Skills workshop being held at the Richmond Campus. The series is sponsored by Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, Inc. through funding from a grant by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. 

The six week workshop uses the Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum developed by author and talk show host Dave Ramsey to help participants develop a savings plan, create a budget, and increase their awareness of the dangers of debt. The relationship strategies that are also covered go hand-in-hand with money management, as studies show that conflicts over money are the number one reason for divorce in America. “We participated to be able to deal with our budget better and to get organized,” explained Amy. “The marital part has been helpful, as well.”

Amy and Randy are already putting techniques that they’ve learned during the workshop to use, such as taking a “time-out” during disagreements. “We have to take the time to separate and call the time-out, and then come back and talk about the situation, and come up with a solution,” she explained. “That has actually helped our marriage greatly.”

For information on future classes, contact Phyllis Fuchs at Foothills at (859) 624-2046, ext. 303, or at   

A- Randy and Amy Minyard received information on money management and communications skills in the Financial and Relationship Peace: Foundational Skills workshop series at the Richmond Campus.

B- Amy spoke with facilitator Phyllis Fuchs during a recent workshop session.

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