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Professional Appearance Advice Offered During Job Search Clinic

Apr 13, 2015

On March 16, Celeste Byrd, an independent senior sales director with Mary Kay, offered students professional dress and makeup tips for interviews during the Richmond Campus’s job search clinic.

Celeste told the workshop’s female participants that job interviews are not the time for heavy makeup. “Less is more; you want your makeup to be very simple,” she explained.

She advised the students that during a job interview their hair should be out of their face and tattoos should be covered. She also encouraged them to dress for success by wearing all one color, such as a black jacket with a black skirt or pants, and a brighter colored top underneath. In addition, she suggested that shoes should be polished and that ladies should carry a small handbag.

“You only have a few seconds to make a good impression,” Celeste explained. “We feel better when we look better. If you are confident in yourself and your skills, you can have any job.”

Each participant left the workshop with cosmetic samples to use to recreate their interview-ready look. “I really enjoyed the job search clinic; not only were her interview tips good, but I love my new makeup look and will be using it on my next interview,” said medical assisting graduate Priscilla King.

A- Mary Kay senior sales director Celeste Byrd (2nd from right) offered tips on professional dress and makeup for interviews during the Richmond Campus’s job search clinic. 

B- Celeste Byrd (left) helped Jackie Williams (right) apply professional-looking makeup for a job interview.