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Practice Develops Skills for Surgical Technology Students

Jun 16, 2014

Surgical technology is a very exacting science. Successfully mastering the skill set required to become a surgical technologist takes perseverance, attention to detail, and unwavering determination. Clinical training sessions are intense, closely monitored, and designed to impart confidence and the utmost in hands-on competencies which are demanded by this career.

Many hours of clinical observation and hands-on training prepare students for their externship - which is the last term in their career training where they will be performing their duties during actual surgeries. Expectations are high, with little tolerance for poor skills which can negatively-impact the patient’s positive outcome.

Students at the Lexington campus are extraordinarily dedicated to their careers. They show outstanding skills and competencies as they progress thru their training. Donald Carr, American National University graduate and surgical technologist, shares this advice for American National University students, “You must be precise and confident in your skills. Your knowledge has to become instinctive in nature. The surgical team is counting on you and so is the patient…”

Lexington’s surgical technology students are preparing for their careers…and employers in the region are counting on them to join their surgical teams and bring their highly developed skills with them.

Pictured (l) to (r) are: Edwin Leniger, Donald Carr, Brooke Sprigler, Dominique Chilton, and Edwin Harris.  

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