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Police Officer Speaks to Written Communications Class

Feb 24, 2014

Officer Chip Gray with the Richmond Police Department recently spoke with Donna Barney’s Written Communications class at the Richmond Campus.  A police officer would not be a typical choice to speak on this subject, but he has a lot of experience in writing detailed reports that are used in court by lawyers and judges.  Officer Gray added that he has advised his fellow officers on their writing skills.  Finally, his mother was an English teacher and passed her excellent skills onto him!

Officer Gray said that whether you are writing a report, letter, or email, to make sure to use proper punctuation and to check your spelling if you are unsure of a word.  He shared several examples with the students but the sentence that everyone liked was the following without punctuation: A woman without her man is nothing!  The sentence completely changes with punctuation: A woman; without her, man is nothing!

Officer Gray’s presentation was enjoyed by everyone in the class.  He is the only officer in the Richmond Police Department that has a dog for a partner.  He brought “Justice” in to show how he communicates with his dog.

Medical assisting student, Shauna Barrett, said “How you say something as well as how you write can make all the difference.  It can command attention or it could make you very disinterested as well.”

Officer Chip Gray with the Richmond Police Department, spoke to the Written Communications class at the Richmond Campus.