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Pikeville Campus Celebrates 100% Pass Rate of Recent Nursing Graduates

Pikeville Campus Celebrates 100% Pass Rate of Recent Nursing Graduates

Aug 18, 2014

The Pikeville Campus nursing program is proudly celebrating the accomplishments of its most recent graduating class.  All six members of the class successfully passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to become certified as Registered Nurses (RN), giving the class a 100% pass rate.  In addition, all of the graduates have secured employment in their field, and many of them are continuing their education. 

Denise Clements, nursing administrator at the Pikeville Campus, said that these graduates are prime examples of the dedication, commitment, and sacrifice required to successfully complete nursing school.  She noted that the graduates have made it through two long years of exams, quizzes, and care plans to bring them to this point in their career.  “I am very proud of all our students, and this group of graduates is extremely hardworking and intelligent,” said Denise.

Whitney Hamilton was one of the first graduates from the class to take the NCLEX exam. She completed the nursing program on July 7th and passed the NCLEX on July 15th.  “The first person we called was Denise Clements, the nurse administrator here,” she recalled of her and a classmate’s excitement on that day.

Whitney enrolled in a nursing program at a local university right out of high school, but she was not successful there.  When she came to National, she was coached each step of the way by instructors who were professionals from the field. She feels that the personal attention that she received helped her to succeed this time. “The instructors gave us plans on what we needed to do.  I followed those to a T…they know what they’re talking about,” she explained.

Whitney has been hired by Appalachian Regional Healthcare to work as an RN on the Med/Surg floor at Williamson APR Hospital. “It was a big personal goal of mine,” she said proudly of her new career.  “I’m ready to start taking care of my patients…and to apply all the knowledge that we’ve been taught to get here.”

A-The most recent graduating class from the nursing program at the Pikeville Campus have attained a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX exam and have all secured employment in their field.  Pictured left to right: Rodger Blair, Aaron Farmer, Dewey Justice, Jim Porter, Whitney Hamilton, and Gabrielle Murphy.

B-Whitney Hamilton passed the NCLEX exam just days after completing her nursing program and she has been hired as an RN at Williamson ARH Hospital.

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