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Pharmacy Technician Student Works Side-By-Side with Professionals during Externship

Nov 10, 2014

Hannah Crane, a student in the pharmacy technician program at the Danville, Kentucky Campus, is completing an externship with Thompson Pharmacy in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, where she’s gaining practical experience before entering the field. 

Hannah had just graduated from high school when she enrolled at American National University.  She chose the pharmacy technician program because of the job stability that the field offers. “They never go out of business,” said Hannah.  “You always need one.  Plus, I’d like to be a pharmacist later.”

As she completes the last term of her program, Hannah feels that she has received a great learning experience.  “The [instructors] are so good. They make sure that you know what you’re doing instead of moving on without you,” she explained.

Hannah is appreciative of the opportunity to work side-by-side with other medical professionals at Thompson Pharmacy, and she feels that the externship will help her achieve her career goals. “I’ve learned a lot here,” she said with a smile.  She plans to become certified as a pharmacy technician and hopes to possibly work in a hospital setting after graduating.

Pharmacy technician student Hannah Crane is gaining valuable hands-on experience working as an extern at Thompson Pharmacy in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

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