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Online Video Gaming Friendship Leads to Nursing Career

Nov 17, 2014

While students discover American National University through a variety of ways, it was a cross-country friendship that developed during online video gaming that led nursing student Charlie Meuth to the Pikeville Campus. Charlie was living in San Antonio, Texas when his video gaming friend, Cory Hamilton, offered him a place to live while he earned his degree in the Pikeville Campus nursing program.

“I’ve always wanted to do something medical, and I got tired of doing construction and physical labor. So, I finally said ‘Alright, I’m ready,” said Charlie.

Although there were a number of nursing programs in the area, Charlie chose American National University because he could get started in his program right away. “It didn’t have any prerequisites, and I just wanted to jump right in,” he recalled.

The opportunity to work directly with patients during clinical rotations at Pikeville Medical Center, one of the premier health care facilities in the nation, has been a great learning experience for Charlie. “We started clinicals three terms ago, and that’s my favorite part,” he explained. “People like me, and I like people.”

Charlie looks forward to the financial stability, as well as the personal fulfillment, that his upcoming career as a Registered Nurse will bring. “I still have a long way to go, but I feel pretty confident about it,” he said. ”My dream job would be working at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I want to work with kids who have cancer.”

A-San Antonio, Texas native Charlie Meuth came to the Pikeville Campus nursing program thanks to a friendship made through online video gaming.

B-Pikeville Campus nursing student Charlie Meuth is shown practicing tracheotomy care in the nursing lab with instructor Madge Hall.

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