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Nursing Student Inspires Sister-In-Law to Enroll

Aug 04, 2014

Marla Cantrell, a student in the nursing program at the Pikeville Campus, inspired her sister-in-law, Brittany Cure, to enroll in the program.  “It’s kind of a family affair,” said Brittany.

Brittany was a stay-at-home Mom when Marla told her about the success that she was having in the nursing program at American National University.  “She said she enjoyed it, and said that there were good instructors and small classrooms,” Brittany recalled.  “I just walked in and talked to Laura, and got signed up for my classes.”

Marla said that the nursing program faculty at National, including nurse administrator Denise Clements, are very accessible to the students. “I can go into Denise’s office any time and ask questions,” Marla said.  “That’s always a blessing, especially in nursing.”

After graduating, Marla and Brittany would love to work side-by-side in the emergency room of a local hospital.  “We did clinical rotation in the ER and I loved it.  It was just so fast paced,” Marla explained.
Marla is on track to complete her nursing program in November, and Brittany will be graduating a few terms later.

Marla Cantrell (left) inspired her sister-in-law Brittany Cure (right) to enroll in the nursing program at the Pikeville Campus.

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