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Nursing Program Graduate Plans to Continue Education

Jan 27, 2014

Jessica Pinion is a graduate of the Pikeville Campus’ nursing program.  She had been working as a customer service representative at Walmart for seven years when she decided to further her education.  Jessica started the nursing program because of the night class schedule.  She said that the program was very rigorous and time consuming.  Although the program consumed her life, it was very exciting.  Jessica had to sacrifice time with her children during the two years, but she and her family knew it was well worth the opportunity.  Jessica was hired at Pikeville Medical Center after passing the national exam and becoming a registered nurse with the Kentucky Board of Nursing.  Jessica believes that the instructors of the program really prepared her for her career, and she feels that she is very prepared for any circumstance or emergency that she may encounter in the hospital.  She said that she cannot imagine getting her nursing degree anywhere else.  She plans on pursuing her bachelor’s degree this fall and plans to continue her education to obtain her Master’s degree in Nursing.   Jessica said, “Anyone thinking about entering the nursing program at American National University should know that it is hard work and requires sacrifice, but do not give up because there is a reason it is so hard.  It really will help you when you start your career.”

Graduate Jessica Pinion is a registered nurse who was hired by Pikeville Medical Center. 

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