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New Careers For Family Members…and So Much More

Aug 04, 2014

Melissa Orth of the Lexington Campus had always had a keen interest in the medical field but the rewards she is reaping as she approaches graduation this September have gone way above her wildest dreams – and the dreams of her family. 

“I had heard many good things about National and I decided to take a look,” said Melissa.  “I made the right decision because my time here has been terrific.  I enjoyed it so much…I brought my aunt Elizabeth to a ‘Bring a Friend to School’ event and she enrolled in the MAA program, too!  I’m in my externship this term and I am able to put the skills I’ve learned to practical use. This is going to be a wonderful field to start a career in!”

Melissa’s aunt, Elizabeth Jones, is well on her way in her medical assisting training, also.  Melissa and Elizabeth’s enthusiasm and dedication are quite obvious when you meet this family duo.  When asked about joining Melissa in the medical assisting program, Elizabeth commented, “I had been looking for a new career for quite some time…and it was time for a change.  To be attending classes with Melissa in a field I had always loved was just icing on the cake for both of us!”

The joy doesn’t stop here for Melissa and Elizabeth, though.  Melissa will give birth to her first child only two weeks after her graduation in September.  To say this duo is excited would be an understatement. Their classmates are equally excited – so much so that they held a baby shower on campus three weeks ago to celebrate the big occasion.  The entire Lexington Campus family sends congratulations to the family!

Medical assisting student Melissa Orth, her relative Brittany Jones, and student Elizabeth Jones (Melissa’s aunt). 

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